Anthony Joshua decided to drag Tyson Fury to the ring and other sports news

Anthony Joshua admits drawing Tyson Fury into the ring to host a world boxing match will be his goal next year.

Anthony Joshua will do his best to bring Tyson Fury into the ring

According to the British press, heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is showing his determination to stand before Tyson Fury in the land of fog. Specifically, the puncher twice the heavyweight champion accepts a smaller bonus than usual to ensure a high-low match of the two current heavy world champions.

Anthony Joshua will do his best to bring Tyson Fury into the ring

The American legend is happy to avoid Nadal at his peak

Former world number 1 player Andre Agassi has just shared that he never played against Rafael Nadal at the height of the Spaniard. That makes the American legend extremely happy because Agassi insists that Nadal is unstoppable when this player is at the maturity of his career.

Kei Nishikori hopes to return to the top once more

The famous Japanese tennis player, Kei Nishikori has just stated that he will not give up after his injuries and having been infected with Covid-19 twice. The player who ranked 4th in the world even expressed his desire to return to the top performance again next year.

McLaren’s boss won’t let Carlos Sainz race Ferrari in Abu Dhabi

McLaren team owner Andreas Seidl insists that the outgoing driver Carlos Sainz will not be allowed to drive a Ferrari car at the Abu Dhabi racetrack. Before that, the FIA ​​allowed riders who had never competed in 2020 to take part in a test to regain their senses.

Alonso from Renault, Red Bull’s Sebastien Buemi, and Robert Kubica of the Alfa Romeo racing team will be participating in this race. Although Carlos Sainz will officially join Ferrari next season, he has yet to end his contract with McLaren and will not be allowed to attend the race in Abu Dhabi.