Ferrari was the worst in 10 years at Belgian G, Denver Nuggets revived hope

Here are the hot sports news around the world in the beginning of September, 2020. Let’s check them out in the ariticle below!

Ferrari was the worst in 10 years at Belgian G

F1 Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc performed extremely badly at Belgian GP. They did not even make it to the final qualifying race and did not get good results on race day. The team curator, Mattia Binotto admits the management is furious and disappointed about the bad outcome.

Denver Nuggets revived hope

The Denver Nuggets relived their hopes of going on to the Playoffs of the NBA after a 119-107 win over the Utah Jazz. Jamal Murray continues to shine with 50 points while Nikola Jovic also has 22 points. On the Utah Jazz side, Mitchell’s efforts alone were not enough. Currently, the two teams draw with a score of 3-3 and need Game 7 to determine their fate.

The accident caused by the fan’s camera stick in Tour de France

Rafa Valls had to drop out of the tournament due to a serious injury, due to a fan’s photo club collision at the first leg of Tour De France on August 29.

The Bahrain McLaren team has an accident while traveling at a speed of 50 km / h. Valls collided with a spectator’s photography stick when it was only three kilometers from the destination. The 33-year-old fan suffered a fracture in his right thigh, shoulder, elbow, and knee injury and was unable to participate in the rest of the tournament.

Rafa Valls soon had to bid farewell to this year’s Tour de France because of the disaster caused by the fan’s camera stick.

McGregor is welcomed by the Royal Monaco

Conor McGregor, along with his girlfriend, had just appeared in Monaco to cheer for the cars to attend the Tour de France, and there he was met and welcomed by Prince Albert II and his wife, Princess Charlene. McGregor and his girlfriend were sitting in the same area with the Crown Prince and taking pictures together.

Murray did not join the Professional Players’ Association

Andy Murray has confirmed that he will not be on the membership list of the Association of Professional Players (PTPA), which was created by Novak Djokovic, Vasek Pospisil and John Isner. Explaining his decision, Murray said he still has to wait and see what solutions PTPA will propose to support the players and he disagrees with the fact that the female players have not been allowed to participate by the PTPA.