HOT sports news August 28: Mayweather continued to sarcasm Mike Tyson

Here is the hot sports new on August 28th, 2020. Let’s check out!

Mayweather continued to sarcasm Mike Tyson

Before the re-export plan of Mike Tyson, “Lonely to defeat” Floyd Mayweather said that this return of “Mike Steel” will not go anywhere. The puncher who owns a series of 50 matches won the judgment, the reason Mike Tyson returned because he was in need, in debt. Meanwhile, with Mayweather himself, a boxing puncher who thinks only about money has a hard chance of winning.

Federer admits his farewell day is approaching

In a video clip that inspires young people to love tennis, Roger Federer admits that the day he parted tennis is near. However, this 20 Grand Slam owner does not forget to tell young tennis players that play tennis with all your heart, success will come to players with the extraordinary will.

The UFC legend is not sure to match Khabib in the last match

Former UFC 2 weight class champion – legendary George St. Pierre has long been targeted as one of the lightest superstar Khabib Nurmgomedov’s brightest opponents.

Khabib may fight legend George St. Pierre

One of the hot sports news today is that at 39, George St. Pierre is now retired from MMA due to health reasons.

Share with reporter Malata of Daily Express, St. Pierre said that the match between him and Khabib was entirely in the hands of the UFC. For his part, the Canadian boxer affirmed that he is always ready.

However, Justin Fortune – the coach of “Pacman” affirms, Pacquiao will never accept to fight a guy who does not have any boxing skills. All understand that McGregor inherently wanted to fight Pacquiao just to make money. In 2017, McGregor is considered to make hundreds of millions of dollars in the match with Mayweather.

Hamilton is not out of fear yet

At British GP in England on 2/8, the W11 car of the Mercedes racing team that Lewis Hamilton drove had a left tire open. This is an incident that rarely happens in a sport with frightening speeds like Formula 1 racing.