Hot sports news this week: UFC “Queen” intends to retire early

Boxing expert Paul Magno highly praised Tyson Fury, even arguing that the heavy WBC champion has no rival at the moment.

Kyrgios publicly criticized the big boss ATP

Not long ago, Andrea Gaudenzi – ATP President announced that he wanted to bring back many tournaments as soon as possible, despite concerns from Covid-19. The statement immediately met with fierce opposition from Nick Kyrgios.

US baseball star supports 1 million USD for colleagues

Recently, the Association of athletes who are playing in the American professional baseball tournament (MLB) has confirmed that they will support 1 million USD for their colleagues who are playing in the tournament. lower rankings as well as young ones. Since the American baseball industry took a break from playing for Covid-19, MLB superstars receive a $ 286,500 a week allowance, while the lower baseball player’s allowance is only $ 400. /week.

The Spanish newspaper rated Pacquiao higher than Mayweather

According to the Marca’s Top 100 best male athletes rankings in the 21st century, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao ranked 16th, while Floyd Mayweather was 14 places inferior despite defeating Filipino boxers in the 2015 century match. The top of the list belongs to swimmer Michael Phelps, Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt ranked 2nd. Tennis stars Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.

Beijing stops sporting events

Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau (China) issued an emergency announcement on June 17 requesting the suspension of sports events as well as the closure of some gyms, as the city has raised the level of emergency response. COVID-19 acute respiratory tract infection from level 2 to level 3. The above actions were taken after Beijing recorded 31 new cases on June 17, bringing the total number of cases in six days. over to 137 ca.

UFC “Queen” intends to retire early

Queen of two weight classes, Amanda Nunes successfully defended the Featherweight title against Felicia Spencer at UFC 250 recently. After this victory, she revealed that she would suspend the competition until the end of the year to welcome her first daughter to UFC female fighter Nina Ansaroff.

Tyson Fury is avoided because of his involvement in a mafia boss

Popular sports channel Sky Sports has recently started to keep its distance from Tyson Fury and the clues related to this fist after hearing Fury publicly thanked mafia boss Daniel Kinahan for Fury-Joshua. Last week, Tyson Fury himself gave all the best compliments to tycoon Daniel Kinahan.