Justin Thomas won the best American golfer of the year and other hot sports news

Here are the hottest sports news in the world on September 10th, 2020 that you may not know yet. Let’s check them out in the article below!

McGregor challenged both the Diaz brothers on Twitter despite taking a break from MMA

Conor McGregor is still “retiring” with the MMA world, but lately, it seems that he has not run out of blood to provoke old opponents, including Nate Diaz. Recently, McGregor posted a “line up” comment under a picture of the Diaz brothers on Twitter, as if wanting to challenge both of them at the UFC.

Ferrari waits for Vettel to decide

Sebastian Vettel has told the Ferrari racing team since the beginning of the year that it will be the last year Vettel plays for Ferrari but it is not clear what his future will change. Ferrari is still waiting, while Vettel has no way to go to Red Bull, McLaren, or Renault. However, it is likely that the Racing Point team will welcome him and next season this team will change to Aston Martin.

Canelo Alvarez sues Oscar de la Hoya

Canelo Alvarez sued boss Oscar de la Hoya and online broadcasting service DAZN for failing to pay the correct $ 365 million contract in the remuneration table signed less than 2 years ago. Alvarez said that he had been terminated incorrectly, causing Alvarez to lose $ 280 million.

The contract was signed on the terms that De La Hoya’s company would host and promote Alvarez’s 11 matches, but it seems that things have gone fuzzy due to the Covid-19 translation.

Justin Thomas’s won the second award the best American golfer of the year

Golfer Justin Thomas won the second time in his career to win the PGA award of the Best American Player of the Year. Thomas has won three tournaments in this year’s PGA shortened schedule and is leading the American players on the PGA rankings.

Bouchard beauty has her first victory in the day

Beautiful Canadian player Eugenie Bouchard is working hard to improve her ranking on the WTA standings, and her goal is to advance in the ongoing tournament in Istanbul.

Eugenie Bouchard will get to the second round of the Istanbul Open tennis tournament. Bouchard has marked his comeback after the plague in the tournament that has not received too much attention.