Nadal does not want to attend the US Open

Just turned 34 years old, Rafael Nadal has repeatedly delivered messages that surprised many fans in the context of the “Gaur” to protect the throne 2 consecutive Grand Slam only separated a few weeks with “heavy weight” pressure on his shoulders.

Rafael Nadal celebrated his 34th birthday on June 3. Unlike the practice many years ago, this year the famous Spaniard welcomed the new age in his hometown instead of the “foreign land”.

Because of the raging Covid-19 pandemic, the world tennis was disordered. ATP had to postpone tournaments for at least until July 31. This year’s Wimbledon has been canceled. Roland Garros has to reschedule 2 times and the only Grand Slam tournament on clay will take place from September 20 to October 4.

The US Open retains its organizational plan

The fact that these two Grand Slams took place this year only a week apart has caused great difficulty for many famous players, especially Nadal – who is currently the current champion because he was crowned king last year. applications in both Paris and New York.

However, recently, the current No. 2 male tennis player in the world has made shocking statements about his unwillingness to come to New York to begin the journey to protect the US Open Championship this year when the country flag flowers. remains the largest Covid-19 outbreak in the world.

Share via online chat application Zoom on 4/6, Nadal frankly admitted: “If today you ask me to go to the US to attend a tennis tournament, I will say no. After a few months, I I don’t know, hope the answer is yes then.

Perhaps we have to wait for more information about how the virus (SARS-CoV-2 causing the Covid-19 pandemic) develops there. New York is one of the places where the virus has hit the hardest. “

If Nadal does not go to New York for the US Open this year for fear of disease, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic – the two biggest rivals in the career of “Gaur” have reason to rejoice silently when they can strike off an opponent. Dangerous competition for prestigious silver trophy at Flushing Meadows with her this year.

The competition for the title “The greatest male tennis player of all time” by this trio is attractive. Federer holds a record of 20 Grand Slams in singles, but Nadal is close to 19 titles, and Djokovic with the Australian Open title earlier this year had 17 Grand Slams.