Recent effects that COVID-19 has caused to the sports world

Here are the recent effects that COVID-19 has caused to the sports world. Let’s check out!

Wrestling legend confirmed his fifth wife was infected with Covid-19

Ric Flair (71 years old) – former famous wrestler and coach of the famous American wrestling floor (WWE) recently published information that Wendy Barlow – the 5th wife is very beautiful and inferior to him to 12 years old have been infected with Covid-19. However, this myth denied that he was infected. However, Flair was criticized by the public for leaving the house to buy a coffee without a mask.

7 players in a Russian sports team were infected with Covid-19

According to Marca newspaper, seven players of the famous male hockey team CSKA Moscow from Russia had recently become infected with the coronavirus.

CSKA Moscow has recorded only 7 players with Covid-19

Currently, the number of players has been emergency isolation for treatment although none of them have ominous symptoms. Earlier, Avangard Omsk – another Russian hockey club that had recorded up to 20 players and their staff infected with Covid-19.

The ATP 500 Citi Open was officially canceled due to Covid-19

The organizing committee of the Citi Open tournament, which will mark the return of world tennis after the COVID-19 pandemic, has announced the cancellation of the event. The reason given by the organizers is that the disease situation is still very complicated in the US and is currently not eligible to meet the medical safety requirements for the tournament to take place.

It is expected that Citi Open will start from August 10 and end on August 17. Known Citi O awards The pen is one of two tournaments to kick-off for the US Open at the end of August, alongside the Cincinnati ATP Masters. With the official cancellation of Citi Open, many are concerned that the US Open, the prestigious Grand Slam in the US, will suffer the same fate.