Summary of the hottest sports news on May 21st

Let’s have a look at the hot sports news around the world today, May 21st.

Mercedes needs to return to the ground

World’s top driver Lewis Hamilton has urged his team-mates and Mercedes team employees to “return to the ground” after a long break. Hamilton revealed that he regularly communicates with his teammates and tries to motivate everyone to ensure fitness and style to get ready for the day back. It is expected that F1 2020 will return to the Austrian race.

Fernando Alonso may return to the F1 race

Former world champion Fernando Alonso is being contacted back to the track when the Renault team wants to take advantage of this racer’s top experience. The two-time world champion is expected to replace Daniel Ricciardo at the French team next year.

According to Auto Hebdo, Alonso has reached an individual agreement with Renault, while other sources also claim that the owner of the F1 franchise, Liberty Media will contribute more money to bring Alonso back.

Federer is extremely bold for charity in 2020

World No. 4 player, Roger Federer is spending huge amounts on charity. In 2020 alone, the Swiss “express train” has spent more than 5 million dollars to contribute to society. Of course, this huge amount of money comes from the world being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and the bushfire disaster in Australia.

Besides, the charity named after him also contributes significantly to helping poor children who do not have enough food in Africa.

Uncle Toni of Spain tennis player Rafael Nadal recently praised Roger Federer as the best player in the open era. However, the former coach of Nadal said that the current No. 1 player in the world Novak Djokovic is the harder opponent for Nadal.

Tiger Woods revealed what he would do differently in his career

The icon of Tiger Woods, a world golf village, recently revealed one of the things he will do differently in his younger years, which is not to jog too much. In a reply to fans on his personal page about what makes “Super Tiger” feel the most regret when he was young, Tiger Woods did not spend much time thinking and giving an answer as harmful. of too much jogging.

According to Woods, he will not run too much during his younger years if he goes back to the past. Because of this habit, his body was destroyed. At the same time, knee injuries also result from overloaded running.