Tiger Woods is about to defend the Zozo Championship and other sports news

Tiger Woods is about to defend the Zozo Championship. Here is the summary of the hot sports news around the world today.

Verstappen does not like switching to IndyCar

Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen has revealed that he has no intention of switching to Indycar. The reason is that the IndyCar track does not bring difficult bends like at F1. The Indycar is said to have more acceleration in straight lines than F1 racing cars but has difficulty in cornering because the F1 car has a much higher braking system and aerodynamic force than the car. IndyCar.

Tiger Woods prepares to defend the Zozo Championship

Tiger Woods will have their first major tournament appearance after the U.S Open. The last time an American player won a tournament was the Zozo Championship. This year, he will continue to participate in this tournament with the expectation of successfully defending the championship and earning $ 1.4 million in injury. However, the performance of Tiger Woods this year has been quite bad, having been continuously eliminated in the participating tournaments.

Tiger Woods prepares to defend the Zozo Championship

Rafael Nadal confirmed to attend the Paris Masters

The tennis websites of the world simultaneously reported, Rafael Nadal confirmed that he will attend the Paris Masters 2020 starting on November 2 here. The Spaniard started training again after winning the 13th Roland Garros more than a week ago.

Halep expects the 2021 Australian Open to resemble Roland Garros 2020

Romanian player Simona Halep revealed she would be ready to play at the 2021 Australian Open if the organizers created a separate playing area like at Roland Garros 2020. The secluded field is called a bubble when the Athletes can live, practice, and play comfortably after being tested by Covid-19. Anyone who leaves the bubble during a tournament period will be on return quarantine.

UFC star continues to be accused of abuse

Danielle Nickerson, ex-wife of Mike Perry, a famous boxer of the UFC floor decided not to keep quiet anymore. She revealed that the American puncher cannot control her behavior and regularly uses violence without reason. This is also the cause of the love affair of both sides.